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Hello there! My name is 
Amber Rose.I am an English student at a small university where I'm minoring in Education. My dream is to write poetry  and to perhaps sing jazz or folk in a small cafe on a weekly basis. I don't seek fame but rather dream of living a simple life with those dearest to me.

I started Laughing With Broken Eyes
 in May of 2010 though didn't get to posting outfits and poetry until the very end of July/beginning of August {first outfit post}. 

what do you blog about
I blog about vintage-inspired fashion as it pertains to my life
 poetry music, and my thoughts and reflectionsLaughing With Broken Eyes is a blog about my life.

favorite posts
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I've learned so much about myself through this blog, through the community, and I've found myself somewhere in-between the lines of our posts and the lines of whatever melody is playing as I write. I can honestly say that having a blog and the supportive community that comes with it has drastically impacted the girl I am. I smile more, I feel more confident, and I feel like what I have to say is worth saying! It's such an odd thing, really, to be all-but-incapable of vulnerability in life and yet to be able to strip down so openly via the internet. I'll be the first to admit that the internet, the anonymity of it all, can be frightening and can allow for less-than-kind actions, but sometimes the anonymity of a single word, a single post, can really set you free.

I've also posted a week long feature, One Week to Better Blogging, with all sorts of tips to help get you started!

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Thank you for stopping by! Have a cup of coffee, get cozy, and stay a while! xo