Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Bombshell Factor


Finding Your Own Brand of Sexy

When I think 'sexy', my mind automatically reels to the 'ooh la la' bombshells of the glamor period in old Hollywood. I think the likes Marilyn Monroe, Bridgette Bardot, Veronica Lake.

I think it’s important to realize that there’s so much more to being sexy than what we’re sold commercially. There are different brands of sexy. While I doubt I’ll ever feel comfortable in a low-cut top and with tanned legs, some girls do it wonderfully. It just doesn’t work for me.  Audrey’s character, Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, is sexy, and so is Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima. Both girls rock what they have but in different ways. There is such a broad spectrum of the different types of sexy, and finding one thing sexy doesn’t mean that we can’t have an appreciation for the latter end of the spectrum

There are endless interpretations of what is sexy, and to me, it’s all about channeling what you find sexy and making it work for you.

I’ll start with an example.
I’m very childlike in my appearance.
I’m under five feet tall, I have a babyface, and I have pouty lips. Rather than contour my face and wear high heels ever day, I make my sexy work. I rock flats, I do babydoll makeup, and I rock lipstick to play up my pucker. 

Wear what YOU love and what makes you feel ‘ooh la la bombshell’ worthy.
Some girls look great in jeans and a t-shirt. Personally, I just don’t like the way I look in jeans. I feel much more myself in a frilly dress and with bows adorned in my hair. Sure, there are probably more flattering outfits that I could wear, but I wear what I like and I won’t apologize for it. Sure, my mom may roll her eyes when I come home for a visit, and my friends may laugh about the fact that I’m always dressed up’, but I like it and have been known to stroll around campus imagining that I’m in an Andrew Bird music video sequence. Wait, what?

This goes for makeup, too. I love thick 60s liner and the aforementioned bold lip. While many magazines would shutter at the thought, I say mix the two. To me, adorable//dollmakeup can be just as sexy as nude lips and the smoky eye (something I’ve never been quite at ease with on myself—but some ladies do it wonderfully!). My cat-flick and rosy lips are my go-to bombshell look. Sometimes I’ll mix things up a bit, but it’s nice to have a signature style. Embrace yours because it’s a reflection of who you are, what you like.

Embrace your imperfections and quirks.
I have a gap in between my teeth that I've been self conscious about since I can remember. I had braces as a child, but correction of the gap would (in my opinion) be more extensive and painful than it's worth. I'm so self conscious about the gap that I cover my mouth when laughing or smiling, etc.It's little steps at a time, but I'm trying to make an effort to stop myself, to just smile, just laugh, enjoy the moment, and not worry about my gap.

Girls with freckles-- I know this is the standard example, but I love, love, love freckles. My wonderful friend Margaret has the most amazing freckles all over her face, and she embraces them. Not once has she covered them up with makeup (good!), and they add such character to her features. I can rattle off examples left and right, but my thinking is this: we all have physical and beauty quirks; we've got to live with them, so why not embrace them? They keep us looking fresh and from all looking alike!



Embrace your hobbies.
Enjoy your hobbies, hone your interests, and don't apologize for it. I have a lot of 'weird' interests (I love pressing flowers, I collect vinyl records, and I take photos of myself daily for this blog!). Having hobbies and sharing what you love is what makes you interesting, and there’s nothing sexier than that.

Pamper yourself!
Some days just wear a girl out and, when you’ve got the mean reds, you just need to pamper yourself. I make it a point, maybe every other week or so, to put some jazz records on, bake a ton of chocolate chip cookies and eat two, three (or five), wear a facial mask, groom my eyebrows, paint my nails—really all of that girly mumbo-jumbo that endless romantic comedies have convinced us we need. But honestly, I feel oh-so-lovely listening to my Joan Baez records and singing along to Adele.  Taking the time to pamper yourself will make you feel rejuvenated and like the jazziest and snazziest version of yourself.  You deserve it. Do yourself a favor and eat that extra cookie. Sing into your hairbrush. I won’t tell.

Wear sexy underpinnings.
This is such a cliché, and heaven knows that no one will be catching a glimpse of my knickers any time soon, but something about wearing matching bra and panties, lace and satin, just makes me feel so lovely. Dress for yourself. A friend of mine once asked me why I wear such pretty underwear if no one sees it. My response: It makes me feel pretty.

This post has gotten quite long, but I suppose what I’m trying to enforce is that there are so many shades of sexy, and what works for one girl may not necessarily work for another. It isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ sort of thing as many magazines would have you believe.

Sexiness is all about embracing the things that you find appealing and channeling them into your daily life.

I challenge you to make a list of women you find sexy and ask yourself ‘just what is it about these gals that gives them that bombshell factor’. Confidence and the way they present themselves for sure, and being the bombshell that we already know you are, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before you channel that and make it work for you.


I think you're all bombshells.
{{All images from weheartit, except for that last one of me!}} 


  1. "Do yourself a favor and eat that extra cookie. Sing into your hairbrush. I won’t tell."

    Love that. I think you're cute, beautiful AND sexy! Not to mention witty & talented to boot. So happy that I started reading your blog. :) I love getting to know more about you! This is a great little post that I know I'll come back to again if/when I'm feeling blue! Thanks for reminding us to be ourselves!!!

  2. i love this - it's so well written :) i'm working on a post on self image at the moment, you've definitely made some amazing points for me to remember! xo

  3. wearing sexy panties really does perk me up and makes me feel sexy. great tips.

  4. This is such a lovely post, very well written! And so true :) I need to start pampering myself like this, in fact I'm off for a hot bubble bath now xx

  5. Well I do love cookies. : ) Such an elegant and powerful post. You are so right. I love this post. Sometimes we get so caught up in the 'normal standard' that we forget who we really are. I too am a petite babyfaced girl who always gets the 'cute' compliment. Maybe I have to start hearing cute as sexy...maybe cute is my sexy? You are gorgeous darlin' and I really enjoyed this!

  6. ´this text is so cute :) I was smiling the whole time while reading! *-* And I have to agree with you, in all points. everyone's sexy in their own way and we all have different definitions of "being sexy" :)

    (oh by the way, yay for the matching bra & panties thing, some friends don't understand that, but it makes you feel pretty, even if no one sees it, it's just the fact that YOU know that you have nice underwear ;))
    Live.Laugh.Love. - every day.

  7. Very very true, awesome post. and now I really want to run out and buy some schmancy unmentionables!

  8. Awesome post. I used to have long, dyed blonde hair and wore contact lenses and it just felt weird to me. I much prefer being a geeky looking girl with cropped hair and massive glasses! I feel like me :)
    And I think you're gorgeous by the way <3

  9. Such a great post. I really didn't realize until I got out of high school and on my own that it was ok for me to not be an Abercrombie wearing size 0. For the longest time I felt like that's what I had to be in order to be sexy. It took growing up , seeing my friends grow into their own, and finding new friends or aquantances (AMBERR!!) that I look up to for being their "own brand of sexy" for me to really feel good about myself. Great post and lovely photos!

  10. this is such good advise!! I totally wear cute undies for me :) haha no one sees them but it totes makes me feel prettier.
    Lovely Little Rants

  11. Ohhh Amber this is such great advice, and so wonderfully written! I definitely have felt 'unsexy' at times because I am not taller, blonder, I don't wear jeans or have a tan. Like you, I have a bit of a baby face too. But you are sooooo right, the best thing to do is EMBRACE what you've got, and play it up! I love that you wear your girly dresses around campus because you feel great. I think one of the most attractive features in anyone is confidence, and that in itself is very sexy. Great post! :D x

  12. ohh, this is great! so true. i love all your advice ;)

  13. i think you are bombshell as well love..<333

  14. Everyone can be sexy. It's true. Everyone has their own kind of sexy, and everyone needs to find it within themselves. Once you believe that you are sexy, others will see it, too.
    (P.S. You're a wild sex kitten to me. Just saying.)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. This is a very sweet post. Reminds me of the recent Parks & Rec episode--"Treat yo' self"! It's important to just love yourself for who you are. Also, you seem very nice and cute. Never lose your innocent quality!

    However, I wouldn't consider your interests 'weird'--in fact, being 60s-obsessed is the norm of the current 18-25 age bracket. There are easily more girls of this generation that love floral and lace, collecting vinyl records, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, French films, etc. than those who do not. There would hardly be anything on Tumblr if there weren't thousands and thousands of girls with a heavy fringe baking in little dresses, twirling around to the sound of Linda Ronstadt's voice, and pouring through classic literature quotes to add to their blogs. Sooooo....don't ever feel alone~! :)

  16. this was kind of perfect. i'm trying to find my ~sexy~ again. when i was a bit bigger than this, i just embraced my curves. now my body is changing and it's hard to do it. especially with school. my school is UBER casual so i feel silly going in with a full red lip and such.
    but thank you for this.

  17. What a great post! Alot of times, when I see the long-legged tan girls I feel discouraged because to alot of people, that is what is sexy now. But I've been realizing lately, that confidence really is what triggers your sexiness. I'm also self-conscious about my smile because my teeth are off-centered and I never had braces but the dentist said he could break my jaw and realign it to fix it but it was definitely not worth that for me. Embracing your flaws is sexy, because to someone special they won't be flaws, they'll be adorable quirks.

    Honestly, I love being pale and having long, black hair. My boss may call me Elvira but I know alot of people that find black hair, blue eyes, and pale sexy.
    We should all embrace our inner "bombshell".


    P.S. (Thanks for commenting my blog, it made my day :))

  18. Great post Amber!! :) I also have the problem with being short and having the cute vs sexy thing. At the end of the day I always feel my best when I dress only for me, not to please anyone else or fit in. I'm still working on it as I get those little niggles of doubt sometimes, but I always have the most fun and am more myself when I'm feeling pretty. I veer between girly and dressed up like you or a rock band groupie or sometimes a combination depending how I feel! Hope you're having a good week :)


  19. My dearest Amber: you are absolutely brilliant... Words cannot express how much I adore this post. You write with such heart and soul, but yet add your quirky, comical, adorable voice throughout. I always greatly admire your writing, but more so I admire the messages you have behind your writing.

    I've never considered myself sexy. I have a non-exsistent chest, I've haven't volumous hair, and I never could get that 'come hither' stare down right. Often times I feel doomed to a life of being alone with a cat because the opposite sex wouldn't find a gal who wear lace socks and bows in her hair sexy. But you showed me I can be sexy and in my own way. Being sexy isn't always about what you think it should be. Being sexy is being yourself and owning it... And thank you for teaching me that <3

  20. You are one of the most beautiful girls I have EVER seen. Your sweet disposition and friendliness only add to that, which makes you a force to be reckoned with. You have everything going for you sugar and you OWN it. I feel so lucky to gave found your corner of the internet. It's wonderful to see the world through your eyes <3

  21. What a great and inspiring post! I def agree that, while the media often makes us think sexy is only a few things, it certainly isn't limited. I don't generally consider myself sexy, with minimal and often no makeup, but the truth is, living with a man who constantly says the opposite has made me care less, and embrace dressing and looking how I please, which also gets me the "why are you dressed up" question, but I kind of enjoy it, knowing I'm dressed for myself. Love to hear you embracing you & encouraging other women to embrace their uniqueness! you rock!

  22. Oh, I also love your advice for embracing your hobbies & pampering yourself, both things I seriously need to work on in my life right now- making time for both. thanks for the reminder!

  23. i love this post so much! it's so honest and true. we all need to embrace our inner sexy more and stop trying to be something we're not. there are so many varying 'icons' out there!
    and it's *so* important to pamper ourselves too!
    oh and i love flower pressing <3
    (and i've also been insanely jealous of people with freckles always. i think they're BEAUTIFUL. that girl is just darling)

  24. I absolutely love this post. Everything you mentioned is amazing, and really speaks volumes. I need to do some of these things more often for myself. <3

  25. I love this post and I just want to thank you for posting it! I LOVE that you're encouraging us to find our own kind of sexy and love ourselves and hone our interests! I might write a post leading on from this actually...

    Thank you! I feel really encouraged :)

  26. this post was beautiful girl. and it's true. you have to rock with what you've got. and marilyn monroe was so popular and she was no wear near a size 0. she embraced those lovely curves of hers!
    xo TJ

  27. You are SO lovely. This is such a sweet post. Sexiness comes from being comfortable in yourself, but of course we all have different things to be comfortable about! People say to me 'oh you're so feminine in your dresses, I would look ridiculous' and to them I say 'no you wouldn't! But if you don't feel comfortable in them then don't wear them!'. Other girls look awesome in jeans and a man's shirt and I would feel like an idiot.
    So yeah, a ranting comment to say: I agree :) Though I still hate when people point out the gap in my teeth, even if it's in a nice way.

  28. I love this post! You are amazing and I needed to hear all of this right now! I especially love the underwear bit, you are too cute and I totally believe in it!

  29. I just stumbled across your blog and had I really dig this post... I would add 'leave something to the imagination'. Here is Brisbane, Australia, the trend for girls is to wear as little as possible - including shorts so short you'd have to wear a thong to avoid your undies hanging out the back. Call me old fashioned, but I still like real sexiness comes from not just what you put out there, but also what you hold back... the hint of what's below the surface and behind closed doors.

    It's a pleasure to 'meet' your blog!

    - Catherine @ The Spring

  30. oh i totally loved this post!!!! you always write such great thought provoking things, it is inspiring :). I totally agree about embracing different hobbies and interests. I have always liked different things like music, clothes, movies etc but all of those things are interesting and people do find that "different" stuff to be cool which totally suprised me!!! I think you just have to embrace that stuff like your said, also i have been dying to start a vinyl record collection i thnk that would be awesome!!

  31. WE DEF ARE THE BOMB! very inspiring post!

    I honestly think you know how to make women feel good about themselves better than anyone. Bravo.

  33. This is such a fantastic post! There are really all kinds of sexy.

  34. i love this, it's so heartfelt and inspiring.

    but, having said that, i'll never be sexy -- i'm a bit too falling over my feet and geeky jokes for that! xoxo

  35. Oh amber! I'm not sure you remember me... I use to write at shewaitsforwhispers.. But that blog is long deceased. I started a new one, here, but I'm so excited to see your blog again. You are wonderful and gorgeous and just oh so lovely.

    T x

  36. Oh! I wish I could fold up this entire post into a small wooden treasure chest and carry it about with me absolutely everywhere! I have always been the self concious type, I have a beauty mark on my face and I always used to hate it, but I've recently come to love it. I must agree that strange beauty is the best kind (freckles are absolutely lovely!). I too get a lot of comments about how "dressed up" I always am but I don't mind. It's funny because I never wear makeup or do much with my hair (down, wavy, and natural--can't remember the last time I busted out the straightener) but I adore lace dresses and bows and feminie things (BTW I did end up going back for the lilac lace dress, it fits perfectly and I also found a great pair of mary janes!). Anyhow, I have so much more to say but this comment is already epic, I shall have to write more about it in my next letter to you!


  37. You write so beautifully :) I too wear matching undies and it really does work! hee hee. And, if I really want to feel sexy I wear red lipstick, my favourite. I really do love this post :)

    Love, Vanilla

  38. This post seriously made my day. Seriously, I have the biggest physical insecurities. I am fighting it and this post is helping me. So beautiful words! xx

  39. Amber, you're an inspirational queen. Everything you post is dripping in sugar, and well rounded thoughts. I feel healed and calmed when I visit your blog.

    If only your feet could tickle mine... we live too far away..

    hugs x

  40. i LOVE this. "embrace your quirks" - that's the best one. words of widsom!!

  41. Oh no, I'm breaking one of your blog-creeping rules... oh well, it's worth it!

    I just wanted to say that this is an absolutely fab post. And Vanessa Paradis has a gap in between her front teeth & she scored Johnny Depp!

  42. This is seriously an awesome post! I really loved reading your writing and your point is right on. You could probably write a book about this too... like finding confidence in your own unique sexiness and all the different types : ) I'm so glad I found your blog!

    Forever Fashionably Late

  43. This is a brilliantly lovely post! <3

  44. Wow, I missed some great posts! I loved reading this - such great advice. I'm bookmarking this one! :-)

  45. This is one of the best reads ever. I totally love it!

  46. Umm hi. I just stumbled across your blog, and I LOVE this post :) thank you thank you thank you!
    What's silly is, these are all things that I say to my friends. They're things I should know. Yet it's taken me for-ev-er to finally embrace them for myself....and just when I started to get it I found myself with child and haven't been able to figure out how to dress my new bumpy self. Even though I am so, so excited to have a daughter soon (!) and my darling husband is so sweet and kind and compliments me all the time, it's still frustrating not to enjoy the clothes I've got to wear. hah. But I feel like I can do it now!
    Anyway. This is super duper encouraging, and I just wanted to say thank you. I'm so happy that I found your blog, can't wait to read more :)

  47. Awesome post. Seriously. This is so good to reinforce this truth that all women are beautiful in different ways and we all need to recognize this in ourselves.


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